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Looking for a wireless file transfer app to transfer iPhone files or transfer iPad files via Wi-Fi? You do not carry a computer, USB cable or connection kit always especially when you are on holiday, do you? Socusoft iPhone iPad Wifi file transfer App can wirelessly send or receive photos and videos among multiple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and computers using your local Wi-Fi network or hotspot. This wireless data transfer for iPhone and iPad can easiy help you copy files and keep them in sync across multiple iOS devices when there is no iTunes, no USB cable, no internet connection.

  • Wireless Transfer between iOS Devices

    Wifi Transfer between iOS Devices

    Whether you are looking for a wireless photo transfer for your iPhone or iPad or a wireless video transfer for iPhone or iPad, this wifi file transfer app can always meet your needs. It can help you send photo/video from iPhone to iPad, from iPad to iPhone, or between multiple iPads or iPhones, you can also send/receive photos/videos to/from a computer as well. The magic of this iPhone iPad transfer is that all the file transferring and retrieval are to be achieved wireless through local Wifi or hotspot. There isn't even a download for OS X or Windows that lets you get your Mac/Pc in on the photo and video transferring action.

  • Wi-fi, Hotspot, Ad hoc Sync; No USB Cable, iTunes or Internet

    Transfer with Wi-fi and hotspot, no cable/itunes

    This wireless file transfer is especially useful when you're on the go. With this wireless file transfer, you can eventually retire the photo and video files transferring from your computer via iTunes or a desktop companion app. As long as you have Wi-fi / WLAN / Personal hotspot / Ad hoc, you can easily get your photo and video sent to any other iOS device, a Mac or PC. No USB cable, no computer apps, iTunes or internet connection required! Connect over Wi-Fi and navigate your photo and video files in a basic folder structure on an iPhone or iPad. Without syncing through iTunes, this wireless file transfer can easily move photos and video back and forth between iOS devices.

  • Compatible with Any Computers and Browsers

    ios with computers wireless transfer through Wifi

    You can use any web browser on a Mac or Windows PC to transfer photo and video files back and forth with your iPhone/iPad/iPod. This wireless datatransfer app works with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. No other software is required. Optionally you can also download and use the free computer companion app for Mac or PC. To upload multiple photos or videos from computer to your iOS Device has never been easier. This Photo Transfer App for iPhone/iPad/iPod enables to browse to your photo albums and libraries on the iOS device with your web browser on a computer, simply click to select and upload photo and/or video files from your computer to iPhone or iPad.

  • What Our Users Say on App Store?

    WiFi Transfer best I've found ★★★★★
    by Doug1ofiPadsGrandfathers

    WiFi Transfer just transferred 70 full res photos and 19 HD videos (5 to 30 sec) all in one action by me, from my iPhone 4S to my iPad 2. Full transfer in < 5 min with no further action needed by me. This App is a dream for a tennis coach, where we can video players from one or more perspectives, then combine onto an iPad for analysis/presentation to player(s), on the spot before they forget. The advantage WiFi Transfer offers is closed loop thru WiFi from device to device, without needing an internet, which is often not available on a tennis court, and would greatly slow down the operation if it had to up and download anyway. All it needs is a WiFi router in range. Excellent App!

    Excellent app ★★★★★
    by Docdonk

    This app has a very nice interface, making it easy to use, and it performs flawlessly. I've used it to transfer gigabyte files from my iPhone 5 to both my iPad 2 and my MacBook. I am very happy with this purchase. I wish all apps were designed as well as this one is.

    Brilliant!! ★★★★★
    by Top_banana81

    Can't install software on works PC, need photos for my job!! Brilliant immediate transfer onto PC!!

    GREAT APP! ★★★★★
    by Zoe Gracie

    Transfers photos wirelessly - individually or in batches using a .zip format so you avoid compression losses. With the camera on the new iPad the image quality is great. I had close-up kitty face images blown up to 16X20 and printed on gallery wrap canvas and the detail is amazing. May be my best app investment.

    Works great ★★★★★
    by Patricia Florenco

    I gave this a try thinking that is was just another transfer photo apps and didn't except it to work. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise it wored without any problems what so every! Just great!

    What I've been wanting ★★★★★
    by Number99999

    Transferred photos and videos from my iPad 3 to my PC. A snap. Thank you. Happy.

    Smooth transfer ★★★★★
    by Tom's mini iPad

    This is amazing. From and to an apple product to anything from my LG phone to a very old HP PC. Smooth transfers every time. Love it!

  • Get Zipped and Transferred Faster

    Zip/compress photos and videos for faster transfer over Wifi

    You can transfer photo and video data in RAW formats from iPhone, iPad or iTouch to computer, or download them as compressed ZIP files to computer for faster transfer speed.

  • Wirelessly, Locally, Safely Transfer

    iOS file secure wireless transfer with password protect

    Other than sending your data or files to an external server or online cloud server, they are transferred directly from device to device using your local Wi-Fi network. That's to say they never leave your local Wi-Fi network. Unlike othe cloud server transfer or sync service, PRIVACY or security is most concerned. With this Local wi-fi transfer, you can disconnect your connection to external internet network, then transfer using your wi-fi router and your local wi-fi network.

  • To keep your data even safer, you can optionally secure your wireless transfer with password protection. So even people in the same local network will need a password to use the Wi-Fi transfer app.

  • Android Wifi Transfer

    Android Wifi Transfer App

    Android Photo Transfer App can exchange photos between Android devices andiPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computers. You can transfer photos from your Mac or PC to Android mobile or vice versa over Wi-fi, you can also copy over photos between iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

  • iPhone Wifi Transfer

    iPhone Wifi Transfer App

    This iPhone Wireless Transfer App helps send/receive photo and video files to/from any computer or other iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. You can transfer photos & videos from computer to your iPhone wirelessly over Wi-fi, or copy over photos & videos from iPod or iPad to iPhone.

    This iPhone Wifi Transfer is sure your best iPhone photo transfer and iPhone video transfer utility. It transfer iPhone files easier than any other traditional utilities.

  • iPad Wifi Transfer

    iPad Wifi Transfer App

    iPad Wireless Transfer App sends/receives photos and videos to/from any computer or other iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. You can transfer photos & videos from computer to your iPad wirelessly over Wi-fi, or copy over photos & videos from iPod or iPhone to iPad.

    This iPad Wifi Transfer is sure your best iPad photo transfer and iPad video transfer utility. It transfer iPad files easier than any other traditional utilities.

  • Photo & Video Transfer App for Mac/Windows

    Photo & Video Wireless Transfer App compatible with MAC/Windows

    The wireless video & photo files transfer app works with any computers. You can easily download multiple photos and videos from your iOS Device to Mac or PC on the same Wi-Fi network. Transfer photos & videos from iOS device to computer is no more than several clicks.

  • Transfer Photos & Videos from one iOS Device to another iOS Device

    Photos & Videos Transfer App for iOS

    Wirelessly upload/download photos and videos from an iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to/from another iOS device. iOS 4.2 or later required.

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